(Frequently Asked Questions)

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No. Greensburg Park Self Storage rental agreements are month-to-month. You never have to make a long-term commitment. You can rent space only for the amount of time you need unit space. If you do choose to make a long term commitment, special discounts are available. Please call/email us to find more information.

Can I have deliveries sent to my unit?

Yes! Greensburg Park Self Storage knows how valuable your time is. We will accept your packages and have the delivery company place your items directly into your unit with your permission

What type of Security does your facility offer?

Greensburg Park Self Storage is equipped with one of the most comprehensive security packages in the industry. Our security system is superior to the ones protecting most homes and businesses. This includes an on-site manager, computer controlled access and closed circuit video surveillance.

Your security is our priority. The door of each unit is alarmed, and, through our computer system, is connected to the Summit County Sheriff’s Office. Additionally, all buildings are solidly built with concrete walls and well-maintained, and access is limited to customers with private pass codes.

Do you provide locks for the storage units?

You may bring your own lock or purchase a new (package sealed), heavy-duty, stainless steel padlock from our office when you rent your unit. You keep the key and control who has access to your unit.

Will my things be protected from moisture and temperature changes?`

At Greensburg Park Self Storage, we offer several ways to protect your property. We offer Climate Controlled units which are air-conditioned in the summer and heated during the winter months to protect from extreme temperatures and humidity. Items will not warp, mildew, or turn colors in our climate controlled environment. It is like storing the items in your own home.

Do you keep track of who goes in and out of the facility?

Our computerized access system assigns each customer a unique P.I.N. so that only you have access to the storage area. Each entry and exit is recorded on the daily activity log. All points of entry and exit are also under video surveillance.

Do you have dollies and carts I can use to make moving into my storage unit more convenient?

At Greensburg Park Self Storage, we have a flat bed cart for our customers to use. This makes it quicker and more convenient to move your belongings in and out of our facility.

Do I need to get insurance for my goods while they are in storage?

Homeowners or renters insurance typically covers most items kept in storage; however, you should check with your insurance agent to be certain. If your insurance company doesn’t cover stored goods or if you do not have insurance, you may contact our office and we can suggest an insurance company. Applications are available at our office.

Am I able to access my unit on a 7 day / 24 hour basis?


What payment options are available?

Greensburg Park Self Storage accepts all major credit cards including MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover cards as well as cash or check. Rent is due the 1st of the month. Payment options include automatic charge to your credit card and auto withdrawl through a checking account as well.

What kind of staff can I expect to meet at Greensburg Park Self Storage?

Greensburg Park Self Storage advisors are friendly, caring, and knowledgeable. Most of our employees have years of experience with us. They will provide you with excellent advice and customer service; and, they genuinely care about you and your experience.

What items are not allowed to be stored in a self storage unit?

Some common household items should not be packed, stored or shipped because they are hazardous materials. Examples of these materials include: flammables such as paint, varnish and thinners; gasoline; kerosene and oil; bottled gas; aerosol cans; nail polish and remover; ammunition and explosives; corrosives and cleaning fluids and detergents.

Packing flammable articles can cause explosion or fire. Heat from the sun can raise temperatures inside a closed van or storage unit to more than 150 degrees.

Even in the middle of winter, heat builds up inside. Many common items, including aerosol hair spray or cleaning products can trigger an explosion or fire that could destroy your possessions when packed or stored.

For your own safety and the safety of your belongings, make sure that no member of your family packs these items in a container to be moved. Replacing a can of hair spray is much easier than replacing all of your belongings.

Restricted Materials Include

Bottled gas of any type · Paints, varnishes, solvents, thinners and oils · Corrosives and explosives · Ammunition · Gasoline, kerosene and any other flammable liquid · Flammable household items like nail polish remover and lamp oil · Heating agents like Sterno · Ammonia and bleach · Aerosol cans of all types – regardless of the content · Matches and lighters · Chemicals and chemistry sets · Cleaning fluids · Cologne / Perfume · Fertilizers with ammonium nitrate · Fire extinguishers · Fireworks · Flammable goods · Flares · Food in glass jars · Frozen foods · Furniture polish · Lighter fluid · Starter fuel · Tanks of compressed gas · Any other type of combustible.

Additional Suggestions

You should personally transport irreplaceable photos, financial papers and assets (bank checks, insurance policies, stock certificates, etc.), legal documents (wills, passports. etc.), valuables (jewelry, coin and stamp collections, etc.) and medical and family history records. For your personal protection and security, we recommend that the following not be packed. These items should be kept with you during your move or secured in a safe deposit box or bonded storage area for storage: ·

Cash · Personal Papers · Documents pertaining to the move · Deeds, wills or other such valuable papers · Evidence of debt · Securities · Jewelry (except for costume jewelry) · Prescriptions · Furs · Stamp or coin collections · Family photographs · Any item that is not replaceable and can be transported by other means safely

If rent is not paid on time, will fees be assessed?

Yes. These fees are called late fees. Be sure you understand how much it will cost you if your payment is not received on time as well as exactly when this fee is activated. While most late fees are reasonable, others may not be. In any case, it will drive your rental costs up “substantially” in a comparative sense. If your unit rents for $50/month and the late fee is $15, this fee represents a whopping 30% increase for that month.

How much space do I need to store goods?

Whatever your storage needs, from small lockers and closets to 20’x30′ rooms or larger, at Greensburg Park Self Storage you can select exactly the right size space for storing your possessions. You can add a room or downsize when your space requirements change. There’s no charge to transfer. Contract periods are month to month, allowing you the flexibility of paying only for the space and time you need. See the Unit Sizes page for more help.

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